Preliminary Programme

version: 2019-5-29

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Keynotes and Poster session Room: North Building, Conference Hall

8.45   Registration

9.15   Welcome Opening Address

9.20   Keynote Panel

Yohko Watanabe (Keio University Art Center, Japan)
Andrew Simpson (UMAC/Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University, Australia)
Judy Willcocks (CentralSaint Martins, London University of the Arts, UK)
Kathryn Eccles (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK)

Moderator: Yu Homma (Keio Museum Commons, Japan)

11.30   Lunch break

13.00   Session 1: Poster Session (Case Studies)

Moderator TBA

  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Museum (UFRGS Museum)

    Eliane Muratore, Kigia Ketzer Fagundes (UFRGS)

  • Impact of Museum Culture Activities on Students' Cross-Cultural Communication Competency

    T. Zhao (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)

  • Exhibition as a Result of Cooperation of Different Stakeholders: A Case Study of the Smoluchowski Biographical Exhibition

    M. Kluza, M. Pawłowska (Jagiellonian University Museum)

  • Step by Step: From Research to Education and Public Engagement in a University Museum:
    A Project at MSA, University of Padova, Italy

    S. Menegazzi, P. Zanovello (University of Padova)

  • Ukiyoe Art Meets Natural History: Example of Hiroshige's One Hundreds Famous Views of Edo
    (Meisho Edo Hyakkei)

    H. Kitazato (TUMSAT), Y. Oki (TUMSAT), Y. Homma (Keio Museum Commons)

  • New Challenge of the Museum in Tokyo Tech, A Science and Engineering University

    Sayuri Tanabashi (Museum and Archives, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  • How to Return to the University: Cooperation Experience of University Museums and Endowment Fund
    (Case of Perm University)

    M. Romashova, K. Punina (Perm State University)

  • Bringing Life to Museum Collections: The Case of the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts

    Miho Kirishima (University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts)

  • Treasures from Century Cultural Foundation: University Collection, Research and Exhibition

    Fumi Matsuya (Keio Museum Commons)

13.45   Panel ‘What we think about Keio Museum Commons’
Members of the Keio Museum Commons Preparation Office

14.45   Coffee break

15.30-17:00   Session 2 and 3 Room: East Research Building (rooms tbc)

Session 2: Citizens and University Museum

Moderator TBA

"Dinosaurs: Giantos from Argentina": An Exhibition as Meeting Point Between the University and the Municipality of Padova (Italy)

Mariagabriella Fornasiero, Letizia Del Favero (Padova University Museums)


Connecting Collections, Citizen Science, Education and Conservation

Koskela Tanja, Vuorinen Pirjo, Timonen Jonna (University of Jyväskylä, Open Science Centre/Museum)


Barrio Museo, University Museum and Community

Gustavo A. Oritz Serrano (Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá)


Rural Outreach as a Mandate for State-Sponsored University Museums: Building Global Awareness through Technology and Empathy

Rachel M. Straughn-Navarro (Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas)



Session 3: Interdisciplinary Approach

Moderator TBA

Performing Arts, Performing Art: Bringing Theater into the University Art Gallery

S. Hendler, S. Aronson-Lehavi (Tel Aviv University)


Developing University Collections Curatorial Approach

Patrizia Luzi (University of Florence)


The Stations of a Nation Project

Gerry Torres (Center for Campus Art of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Manila)


Critical Collage: University Art Galleries, Collection & Arts Based Inquiry Across Academic Disciplines

Laurie Dalton (Acadia University Art Gallery)



17.00          Break

17.15-18:45   Session 4 and 5 Room: East Research Building (rooms tbc)

Session 4:  Ethical Issues

Moderator TBA


The Museum of the University of Rosario: Living and Virtual Museum and a Collection within Everyone's Reach

Margarita Guzmán Bejarano (Museum of the Rosario University)


Melting Pot or Cauldron? Addressing Race Relations in American Art Museums Today

Jill Deupi, Billie Grace Lynn (University of Miami)


Collection Legacies: Celebrating, Critiquing and Stimulating Global Thinking

Celka Straughn, Saralyn Reece Hardy (Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas)


The Post-Colonial Legacy in University Museums: Addressing the Spoils of Slavery at the University of Glasgow

Steph C. Scholten (The Hunterian, University of Glasgow)



Session 5: Student Engagement

Moderator TBA


Putting Out the Welcome Mat: Innovative Student Engagement at the University Museum

Jill Hartz (University of Oregon), Barbara Rothermel (University of Lynchburg), Jamaal Sheats (Fisk University), John Wetenhall (George Washington University)



18:45   Closure of the first day


9.45-11:00   Session 6 and 7 Room: East Research Building (rooms tbc)

Session 6:  Future of University Museum

Moderator TBA


Historical Scientific Instruments in the Collections of the University Museums in Poland: Research Project of the National Science Center Poland 2018-2020

E. Wyka (Institute for History of Science of the Polish Academy ofSciences/Jagiellonian University Museum)


University is a Museum

L. A. Lozovaya (Tomsk Polytechnic University)


Should the University Museums Be Only Museums?

Hugues Dreysse (University of Strasbourg)


Session 7: Object and Display

Moderator TBA


Museum Display and Cultural Politics: Experimental Art Exhibition to Reexamine Museum Politics and Cultural Equality

Shikoh Shiraiwa (University of Helsinki)


Compartmentalization as an Effective Tool in Creating Study Guides for Exhibitions

Veronica C. Fuentes (Fundacion Sansó Inc.)


Arranging Spaces of Relation(s): What Can Objects Do?

Lauren O'Neal (Lamont Gallery, Phillips Exeter Academy)



11.00   Closure/Lunch


13.00   Visits to University Museums in Tokyo


18.00   Closing Reception Venue: Shibaura House