Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

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Deadline Extended: 7 April 2019 Accept/reject notification: 25 April 2019
To: Yu Homma/Kayoko Ichikawa:

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A university encompasses diverse cultures. Research and education in various disciplines generate autonomous collections which reflect unique cultural backgrounds of each academic field. A university museum is a place where these collections meet. Practices in museums – exhibitions, conservation, research, learning and so on – further reveal the cultural backgrounds of collections. Museums also gather and connect the members of communities surrounding the university –students, faculties, researchers, alumni/ae, and visitors – and bring them together through the discussion on collections.

In UMAC Tokyo Seminar, we will explore the power of university museums which trigger interchanges of people and knowledge from different cultures. We welcome paper and poster proposals that address the role of university museums as hubs connecting diverse collections, places, and people’s activities inside and outside the university.

We welcome proposals that address new practices, models or strategies to:

  • Connect a wide range of collections and cultural activities on campus run by different research centers, departments, archives and libraries
  • Encourage communications between faculties, students, staff, visitors and locals
  • Promote interdisciplinary research and/or education through display or educational programmes
  • Collaborate with museums, collections and people outside the university
  • Develop digital tools for interdisciplinary research and education
  • Design spaces to provoke interactions between collections and people
  • Make research collections and archives accessible to wider audiences
  • Engage alumni/ae through activities around collections including donation

Proposals can be submitted to one of the session types below:

Standard Sessions

10-15 min oral papers followed by in-depth discussion

Papers should deal with substantial research within the seminar’s theme; report the development of significant new arguments, methodologies or results; and present rigorous theoretical, speculative or critical discussion.

 Poster Session

5-min oralpresentations

Descriptions of projects, activities, collections and museums are welcome. Unlike other conferences where the role of the poster is downplayed, we stress the importance of posters by subjecting them to the same rigorous peer-review as other proposals and by offering a dedicated chaired Poster Session.

Submissions and deadline:

  • Conference language: English (no simultaneous translation will be provided)
  • Template for abstract submission (oral and poster papers)
  • All proposals should be submitted by 7 April 2019 to Yu Homma/Kayoko Ichikawa:
  • Accept/reject notification : 25 April 2019